Mindfulness Meditation Stumbling Blocks

An extremely wise man may have constructed the homily which goes like ‘Plant the seed of meditation and reap the fruit of peace of mind’. What he probably never stopped to think about was ‘What if your seeds were planted wrong?’ ‘What if the fruit wasn’t sweet enough?’
Meditation can bear the sweetest fruits, but only if it’s done right! While everyone is able to personalize their meditation experiences that they want, a number of bloopers that you need to avoid. These aren’t huge mistakes with lasting repercussions, but some common careless blunders that most beginners end up making.
All I Want Is Everything and I Want It NOWLots of people start practicing meditation with the expectation of seeing perceptible changes in their lives instantly!
Unfortunately, one of several rules of life is that every good thing demands effort, which means you can’t expect something as beautiful as meditation to provide instant results now, can you?For many of us meditation is means to achieve something – stability, mindfulness and deep insight. There is nothing wrong with these expectations, you should understand that meditation isn’t a quick fix to all problems. Actually, nothing ever is.
If you want meditation to work for you, you need to be prepared to practice it persistently.
I Give Up…Lots of people that start with a certain meditative course or technique become disillusioned using the whole concept if they don’t get any perceptible results soon, and subsequently give up meditation to join team Skeptic. Here in lies the issue!Any time you learn something, there’s always a little bit of trial and error, whether its cooking a different dish, learning a new professional skill, riding a bike or playing a different sport, you are likely to stumble at first. Why feel disappointed when it happens in mediation?Truth is that there are many different types meditation techniques – Insight, Transcendental, Tibetan, etc etc. These affects individuals differently as well as in different measure. So, if you do not seem to be getting improvements, you might have chosen a meditation style that is not synchronized together with your body and being.
I Know It All…Already
Another commonly face issue is that some beginners are a little ‘too knowledgeable’ about meditation; so much so that they want to begin with the hardest techniques which are practiced by experts and instructors. They don’t realize that such techniques are performed and mastered after years and years of regular meditation, and are not recommended within the initial months of beginning meditation.
The Wrong Place, The Wrong Time
Meditating in distracting environments is yet another common mistake. Many beginners unwittingly choose places that are noisy or uncomfortable. Children may be around, the window may be open, the phone may be on high-ringer, the oven may be on, and a whole lot might be going on. This kind of environment doesn’t gel with meditation.
It is also common for amateurs to meditate in uncomfortable positions or when they’re unwell. In case your energy levels are really low or you feel physically weak, you might not be able to have the best meditation experience.
I Think I Know…Maybe Not…
Finally, many people usually are not fully aware of what meditation is all about. They think that it involves ensuring that their mind should be blank and focus way too hard on achieving that. However, having a blank mind is neither essential, nor pre-requisite of meditation.
How to Overcome Your Meditation Challenges
It is most essential to completely understand the practical and theoretical implications of a meditative process. You have to understand that meditation is supposed to cultivate mindfulness – a full understanding of your physical being along with thoughts and emotions.
In addition to that you’ve got to be persistent and patient in the pursuit of meditative bliss. Try, try and try again until you discover a method and technique that works for you.
The bottom line is that unless both the mind and the body is at peace together with the surroundings, meditation won’t attain for you what it should.

How to Make the Most of Your Meditation Experience
Meditation isn’t a practice, exercise or lifestyle approach; it is an experience – feel it in every single nerve and invest in it with your every last fiber. Be committed to meditation, and you’ll gradually feel yourself transforming in some small yet perceptible ways. Embrace the changes that meditation is bringing about and revel in every small achievement. Make meditation a part of your lifestyle and perfect each technique before you proceed to another.Most of all, learn to benefit from the novelty from the experience; you will soon end up getting excited about the meditative breaks of the day.To get additional great tips on meditation and a free meditation E-book, please subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here!


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