Free Meditation Techniques For Children

Who says meditation is only for adults? In today’s competitive world, where children need to bear the burden of parental expectations along with peer pressure, they need de-stressing and calming exercises just as much as adults do!
Projects and assignments, bullying at school, pressure to become part of the ‘hip’ groups; children today possess a lot to deal with! It gets even worse, if things are not smooth around the home front; even more if the parents are dealing with a hard patch from the marriage, or are contemplating a divorce/ separation.
Like adults, children too have different coping mechanisms. Although some have a stronger immunity to stress, other people are more sensitive. So, often even small accidents like breaking a vase, spilling milk, etc, can cause some children a lot of stress.
As parents, it is vital that we prepare our kids to take on life’s challenges, without snatching away their childhood. Meditation can prove to be a very helpful tool here.
By learning to meditate children will find it easier to cope with stress, will grow up to be more emotionally stable and happier teenagers.An important feature about meditation is that it’s so uncomplicated to practice that even kids as early as 3 years old can practice it. If you’d like your children to find out the methods regarding how to meditate, here’s a list of some useful suggestions:
You should choose a time that your kids are comfortable with; it shouldn’t be their nap-time, or when their friends are out playing basketball. Children normally have very short attention spans therefore, you should choose a time when you know you can have their full attention.
You should also designate an appropriate space for meditation. A space that’s relatively serene, with low lighting and comfortable temperature plays an excellent role in teaching kids how to meditate successfully. Having said, that make sure you don’t make the space so comfortable for the kids that they can end up dozing off.
You can find meditation music Cd’s specially designed for the children, you’ll find them useful when teaching your kids the best way to meditate.
Meditation does not demand any rigidity or strict rules. So, you can let your children change positions when they feel the need to. It’s additionally a great idea to provide children room to stretch their legs out, let them rock back and forth when they want to, or sit cross-legged.
Encourage them to picture a place where they feel relaxed. They could either make up their particular happy place, or imagine themselves in a very familiar place which they feel comfortable and secure in.
Meditation aids children to relax and become calmer and more confident individuals. If they learn this art when they are still in their childhood, it can help them adopt it as a routine in later years.

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