Simple and Free Meditation Exercises for Women


Some people are often wondering whether there are any special free meditation methods for women in particular. An objective response would be – No; all meditation exercises could be practiced by both women and men, and get the same capacity of effect as well.
True, men and women are not the same physically and to a certain extent psychologically too; this makes up the distinction in the exercises and yoga assanas appropriate for them, respectively. However, meditation is concerned with neither physicality nor psyche, however the ability of mindfulness of one’s brain, which in fact, is neutral to sex and gender. Thus, women can practice all meditative techniques.That being said, there are certain meditative exercises that help relieve anxiety and reinforce positivity would be better suitable for women while being pregnant and postpartum for that it’s time when a woman is most burdened, anxious and fretful. So, here’s a selection of some simple meditation exercises that shall be very helpful to women.
Draining All StressProbably the most common meditation exercises, this is best to be done in the beginning of a session. Assume a comfortable position such as sitting cross-legged or on a comfortable chair and close your eyes. Start from the top of your head, and imagine a bundle of stress resting there; slowly let it move down from your head to your face, then neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, thighs, shins, feet and finally permeate in to the ground. If your attention wanders or perhaps you do not feel the stress moving almost like a physical sensation at any point, return to the top head and begin the journey again.
Chanting with a Purpose
Create your own chant to rid yourself of other thoughts and concentrate on any one particular emotion or perspective. Your chant can comprise of words or sounds. If you prefer the latter, then string together a pattern of vowels spaced based on your choice and chant away with a specific breathing pattern in your mind. However, if you’re more comfortable with words, choose whether single word or a two-word phrase that is specifically relevant to your purpose. A few examples could possibly be – Love, Relax, Let Go, Be Free, Calm Down, etc.
Reinforcing Positivity
Get a bud of your favorite flower; if you don’t find one easily, obtain a picture of it. Take a look at either very carefully then recreate its image in your mind’s eye. In case the image is unstable, concentrate and wait until it gets sharper and constant. Picture the bud opening petal by petal; let this be slow and vivid. Imagine the flower to be resting in your hands and smell its fragrance deeply. As and when you naturally lose the flower from your sight and sensation, you will find yourself refreshed, relaxed and happy.




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