I think Therefore I Am: The Power of the Mind

A lot of people are confused about what the sentence “I think therefore I am” by Descartes really mean. Most people can explain what it actually means but more often than not, the explanation is lengthy and touches on other topics along the way. It is rare to find someone who can explain what it means in a straightforward manner.

This quote was from Rene Descartes and was published in a book about meditation. It mostly means that the mind plays the greatest role in everything that a person does and everything that he or she believes in. The mind is powerful and it can take over a human being’s inner self. It can take a person places and can enable a person do something or be whoever he or she wants to be.

Meditations on First Philosophy

This is a collection of books wherein Descartes went through different mind challenges. In the first book, he realized that what he used to believe in is unreal. This then causes him to doubt everything else that he believes in. This applies to most people. People are often confused on what they believe in so they mostly go with their instincts and their emotions. When asked why they think that what they believe in is the truth, they cannot offer any concrete explanation and evidence at all. It will all just boil down on people’s gut feel or information that came from a person that they trust.

On the second book, Descartes tries to convince himself that nothing in this world is real. This is something that most people feel whenever they are hurt or they had a traumatic experience. They are usually in denial. They choose to believe that nothing is real so that they can easily move on. Ignorance indeed is bliss and for specific periods of time, people tend to prefer having nothing instead of having to deal with pain.

Power of Mind

At the end, the power of mind still prevails. Descartes thought that he is still real, as well as everything else in this place. This also happens to people nowadays. In the end, they will realize that life goes on and they have to move on with it. There will be a lot of pains and suffering but moving on is the only way to get over such unpleasant experiences.

It is all about the power of mind. People will always turn to what their inner self is telling them and it is to get back on their feet and continue on their journey. They will soon realize that it is time to move on to a new beginning. The realization and the healing process will all depend upon the person’s personality and what or who controls their mind. Once a decision is reached and the mind sets into full gear towards healing and recovery, the person will be well on his or her way to a much better, much stronger person.

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