Presenting with Confidence with NLP

The application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be very helpful. People do not realize the importance and good effects of applying Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP in one’s life. They have not fully grasped the positive things it brings to a person especially those who are in business. Many businesses have not been doing well these days because of the negative economic climate. With more than a thousand of competitors offering the same product and services with the same quality and features, one has to have a special something that will make you stand out from the rest. If you are one of those businessmen or professionals who spend most of their working days meeting with potential clients and deliver presentations then it is very important that you deliver yourself well in order for them to choose you. One needs to remember that your audience is not encouraged with the words that are coming out of your mouth but simply by the way (action or manner) you are doing it. You have to be very confident inside and out and possess a kind of charisma that will surely charm potential customers.


Your body language says more than the words you are saying. Your actions affects the message that you want to convey to the person you are speaking with. There are four important things you need to do in order for you to successfully deliver your message to your audience which are to establish eye contact, develop a good pace, pause once in a while and have a good tone. Equipped with these four reminders, one will surely be able to present in front of a small or large group with beaming confidence.

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Communication Excellence With NLP

In Neuro-linguistic programming, communication has a different meaning. In NLP, communication is a major matter that should be learned perfectly. There are a lot of secrets that must be known in order to reach a high level of excellent communication.

Euro Linguistic Programming started with the study of excellent communicators. How to be understood by someone even if he disagrees with you? The answer is rapport, a foundation brick of NLP, and the most important method in any communication. Rapport is the ability to get in someone else’s world, to make them believe that you understand them, that you have a strong common ligament. Rapport is the ability to observe each other’s point of view (not necessarily to accept it), to be on the same stage and to appreciate each other’s feelings. When people communicate in rapport they find it very easy to be understood and believe their concerns are blindly and highly regarded by the other person. Rapport means understanding what another is trying to say; not being necessarily agreed with what they said. And when you are in rapport something splendid happens. You and others feel listened to, and well heard.

We are all communicating most of the time, most non-verbally. Even our ingoing thoughts, in effect our internal communications are overwhelmingly passed on to others, through our status, body movements, breathing, facial expressions, gestures, and voice tone or eye movements. With NLP studies, communication has a different meaning and value. Communicating with excellence is not that simple.

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Quit Smoking with NLP

Smoking provides a temporary relief together with high in the form of nicotine. You may smoke in the car, with a cup of coffee, during breaks at work or after a stressful situation. But this time you can stop smoking and feel the satisfaction to become a healthier you.

Congratulations! Yes, you deserve it. You have made an important decision. You’ve decided to be a non-smoker forever. There is someone inside you who always wanted to quit smoking. It is exactly what makes today a very special day.

You’ve finally chosen listening to your body. Your body wants you to be able to breathe freely. Your body has a bitter experience whenever you smoke. Smoking actually hurt one’s body and mind. You are now deciding something better than smoking for yourself.

You have chosen a decision to quit smoking for your own reasons. You have taken great efforts for this. This really is a big achievement for you. You’ve done a great job. Your new life will bring more respect, more love, more time, more money and more happiness. Now onwards your life has filled with full of confidence and energy, health and wealth.

Many of the detrimental health effects of tobacco get eliminated up to the great extent once you quit smoking.

Positive and healing suggestions can sink deeply into your unconscious mind faster. NLP helps you to develop your own strategies for quitting. Once you learn from an NLP expert you can use it for quitting smoking whenever you need in your life. Let us see a small example of NLP technique.

Keep on repeating calmly and quietly to yourself, “I am a non-smoker and I will be a non-smoker forever in my life.” You can do this as many times as you can during a day and night. You can write it down on your desk or above your bed.

‘Take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Relax completely and listen……….

Right from this moment you are a non-smoker. You have never felt better as you are feeling now. You are going to feel better and better now onwards. This is because your lungs continue to be healthier day by day. This is just because you have stopped inhaling the poisonous smoke of tobacco.

You can enjoy the feel good factor once you’re away from all the worries and tensions. It is nice to feel free…… Free from smoke…..Free from foul smell…… free from poisonous smoke… totally free.

You are far away from the poison and the smell. Someone within you was there who always wanted to get rid of smoking. That real inner you have always hated smoking as it stinks and makes you ill. Now you have finally made up your mind. You can now refuse smoking at any situation, anywhere or any time. When you think or something reminds you about cigarettes you will never ever do that mistake again. Never ever……”

This ‘quit smoking’ efforts not only bring health and peace in your life but it also enhances your self confidence and you understand the truth thoroughly that, ‘Nothing is impossible’!

How NLP can help

By identifying what triggers you to light up and assisting you to reprogram those triggers to become a more productive recourse for you.By letting your unconscious mind to assist you in the process of quitting, remember your conscious mind is the goal getter and it is your unconscious mind that is the goal getter.
By interrupting your internal patterns of being a smoker.

For those who have tried other ways to quit why not give NLP a go

What Is NLP and How Can You Benefit From It?

NLP is the study of how humans think, communicate, as well as their patterns of emotions and behavior. This behavioral self-help technique is composed of guiding techniques, attitudes, and principles based on studies concerning communication, behaviour, and experience.

NLP can capture the structure of behavior, thus making it easier for those that study NLP to know the different motivations behind people’s actions helping them modify their own behavior accordingly.

It’s hardly a surprise then that NLP is used by many individuals, educators, sportsmen, and organizations to enhance performance in different fields. NLP based leadership coaching, in fact is a very popular form of corporate training.

How exactly does NLP Work?

Neurolinguistic Programming is centered on changing an individual from within. For instance an individual with low self-esteem and confidence. Now, this person may often be overlooked to get promotions and major projects. Why? Because, the world sees us the way we project ourselves. So, when you act and behave as if you have no confidence in your abilities, nobody will acknowledge your abilities or talents either.

NLP works by making us conscious of the main causes of our self-limiting beliefs, helping us get rid of the same, and adopt new and more constructive beliefs/thought patterns.

There are guidelines that you need to follow to be able to train the mind to let go of old ideas and accept a new one.

From a coaching perspective, NLP helps you bridge you Current Reality (where you are now) and the Preferred Reality (where they want to be) of an individual.

Benefits Of NLP

Neurolinguistic Programming can help us transform our lives and set us on the path for achieving whatever goals you want. Listed here are a few examples:

Enhancing communication skills.
Improving relationships with family, colleagues, and friends to give you a sense of fulfillment.
Enhancing self-esteem.
Awareness of true potential.
See challenges as opportunities for growth.

As you go through the Power Training and Coaching Institutes NLP Certifications, you will learn the various techniques to overcome any obstacle that you may encounter, and also the skills to utilize NLP in all areas of your life business, career, relationships and much more.

Can I Benefit From NLP?

Yes, you can if you believe that you have the ability to take charge of your life and change it. Additionally you must have an open-minded approach and be willing to learn new concepts and adopt new beliefs.

In addition to that you’ve got to be aware that it is hard to let go of patterns and though entrenched deep into our unconscious or psyche. Having said that, with regular practice of NLP, you will learn effective ways to re-program your unconscious and embrace new ideas.

Change, after all, always starts from the inside. It’s only when you change yourself for the better, that you can transform your life.

NLP Methods

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is based on the idea that your senses you are only able to perceive a small part of the world and that your view of the world is filtered by your experience, beliefs, values, assumptions, and biological sensory systems. You act and feel according to your perception of the world instead of the real world. NLP teaches that language and behaviours may be functional or dysfunctional which are highly structured, and that this structure can be ‘modeled’ or copied into a reproducible form. Using NLP you can ‘model’ the more successful parts of your own behaviour in order to reproduce it in places that you are less successful. You can also ‘model’ someone else to effect belief and behaviour changes to improve your own functioning. If a person excels in some activity, you can learnhow specifically they did it by observing certain important details of their behaviour patterns. NLP embodies several techniques, including hypnotic language techniques, which can effect changes in the way people think, learn and communicate. NLP is a ‘toolbox’ that has been modeled from other fields in collating its presuppositions and techniques.

NLP considers each individual’s perception of the world as ‘map’. NLP teaches that your mind-body and what you say all interact together to form your perceptions of the world, or maps. Each person’s map of the world determines feelings and behaviour. Therefore, unrealistic maps can restrict choices and could result in problems. As an strategy to self improvement or therapy it requires understanding that people create their own internal ‘map’ or world, recognising unhelpful or destructive patterns of thinking based on their maps of the world, then modifying or replacing these patterns with more useful and resourceful ones. There is also an emphasis on methods to change internal representations or maps of the world in order to increase behavioural flexibility.

“Modeling” in NLP is the process of adopting the behaviours, language, strategies and beliefs of another person or exemplar to be able to create a model of what they do. You know that your modeling has been successful when you are able systematically get the same behavioural outcome as the person you have modeled. The ‘model’ is then reduced to a pattern that can be taught to others.The patterns discovered were developed over time and adapted for general communication and effecting change. NLP modeling methods are designed to unconsciously assimilate the tacit knowledge to learn what a leader is doing of which the leader is not aware. An approach to learning can involve modeling exceptional people. While modeling another person you look at his or her own beliefs and adopttheir physiology, language, strategies, and beliefs of the person being modeled. The modeler is then able to reproduce the patterns of behaviour, communication, and behavioural outcomes of the one being modeled, a process occurs in which the modeler modifies and readopts his or her own belief system while also integrating the beliefs of the one who was modeled. Modeling also implies understanding the patterns of your behaviours so that you can ‘model’ the more successful parts of yourself.

Linguistic (language)- language in business and how NLP can assist

NLP implies Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. Linguistic constructions affect your beliefs and behaviors. Thus NLP begin with a great interest in language. NLP helps you in using language that motivates and inspires. NLP has a discredited approach to communication and personal development. Language represents your experience.

NLP should be there as part of the syllabus for those who are working in the public field. It may be the sales, marketing, orators etc. NLP teaches you how you can convince others without hurting them. It will help you in communicating and influencing others with elegance and integrity to get things done speedily.
You must gain rapport with the listeners and keep psychological congruency i.e. the act of truly focusing towards your primary goal without hesitation. It should be both linguistically as well as in nonverbal communication while the relationship of the person listening and feeling a psychological connection with you. You need to display behaviors like confidence and understanding.
When you become an expert persuader through NLP you’ll able to utilize proven ways to accurately detect lies and also interpret emotions such as anger, boredom, confidence, nervousness, and many others. You will able to correctly decode other people’s actions and gestures to be able to persuade them when they are in their most responsive state.

Suppose that you are in sales and you may have used the procedure with a bit of success. Have you ever remember that you get your potential client talking and you get them to lead to the point that they have to get whatever you are selling. If you remember any of your successful sales presentations, you may realize that a number of the clients had seemed to sell them. Whether you noticed it or not, you may have applied a few of the NLP techniques. What if you understood all the tactics and can make this happen every time you sell?

One big mistake that most of the business leaders make in their everyday communication that on many occasions kills the message before it even gets started. NLP techniques ensure that you will not make this fatal error. NLP provides you advanced patterns of language called quantum linguistics. It will help you in removing barriers to your success. No one will able to notice an unusual way of conversation which leads to definite success.

NLP provides you other ways for convincing others to help you ‘unlock the key’ in winning support from your sponsors. It can also help in getting cooperation from everyone. It can help you in writing a report or proposal in convincing language. NLP converts your words into ‘language of successes. NLP automatically add a magnetic effect in your communication with motivational language. Communication is the biggest challenge in business. NLP assists in promoting good communication and negotiation strategies along with management skills.

Effective communication is among the benefits of NLP. This communication may be verbal or written. NLP improves your communication skills in every aspect. Language creates reality. This understanding will give you the skills of precise use of language which will lead to move your communication in the direction you want. NLP helps you in mastering in the use of proper language.

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Neuro – (behaviour) and its affect on business and how NLP can assist

NLP relates to the event processed by your five senses and nervous system. Most of you already possess the skills essential for resolving issues that bother in your daily life. The neural network where these skills have stored has lost the connection at present. NLP helps in establishing this connection that access those problem solving skills easily.

NLP handles your subjective experience. The origin of capability to achieve anything we desire is the unconscious mind. The unconscious will take any sustained impression or thought particularly fueled by emotions and convey it into manifestation without doubt. It’s the task of a conscious mind to select carefully which sustained impressions and thoughts the unconscious mind receives.
When the unconscious mind has been programmed by suggestions to do something, conscious mind will ‘invent’ the reasons to warrant it. It is an inbuilt mechanism to make us feel consistent with our actions. A suggestion can easily influence our unconscious, to make us feel to compelled to do, think or feel a particular thing. Due to the mechanism of consistency, you might consciously justify doing it. In normal life, a process of compulsive habits occurs constantly.

NLP helps you to discover how other people are creating their experience inside their minds. NLP leads you to understand, change and improve those internal states of mind. Conscious mind is director of the subconscious mind. It is the programmer of the unconscious mind, which is creative and execute out the program using its tremendous energy.

In NLP there are several filters before you feel it inside your minds. You will find three main filters which act as the doors of perception. These filters are deletion of information, distortion of meaning and generalization.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) means conventional training methodologies to accomplish your objectives. NLP has the great impact on individuals, teams and organizations. It shows the positive impact on results and the main point here. NLP has infinite potential applications running a business. NLP helps in bringing out hidden human excellence. NLP actually sharpens and strengthens your personal skills and qualities.

NLP has referred to as “An art and science of personal excellence”. NLP understands your behavior patterns, then influence your behavior. NLP is popular with salespeople because doing so assists them in gaining power over others. NLP helps a lot to social workers, therapists and businessmen because of its method of gaining sensitivity to others in conflict resolution.
There are many models available in NLP that will help you in developing following aspects in business:
• Set clear goals
• Define realistic strategies
• Understand and reduce stress and conflict
• Coach new and existing staff
• Improve new customer relationship
• Enhance sales performance
• Improve effectiveness of your staff
• Improve productivity
• Improve profitability