Poetry and Meditation: For the Mind and for the Soul

Poetry can greatly increase a person’s meditation experience quality. There are a lot of things that a person can read, write, or think about before finally getting into the meditative state. These are all conducive to a mind-clearing moment wherein the person will search and establish a connection between a person’s body and his or her inner being. This will lead to a deeper state and stronger connection that will teach the meditation practitioner something that he or she will carry all through that person’s life.

Poetry for Meditation

Poetry is usually read quietly except for some strong statements that requires a particular intonation. This is very conducive to meditative atmosphere as it will lead people’s mind to something soothing and calming. Poetry is an efficient and pleasant usher to the threshold of a person’s inner being. As everybody listen for each breath, enunciation and pronunciation, every stress and every pause, they will be lulled into their own core and soon the poetry will be but a faint voice at the back of their heads, leading them deeper inside themselves.

Poetry and other Art Forms

Poetry and other form of arts may be directly related to meditation. With major similar characteristics such as freedom in terms of presentation and expression, the soothing, calming, and almost therapeutic effects of meditation and art, it is not hard to make both to work hand in hand for the benefit of the meditation practitioner. All of these are created by artists while they were listening to what their inner being is telling him or her. This is the part wherein it is most similar to meditation. In arts, the person is able to find the connection between the mind and the body and he or she draws up inspiration from what that person’s inner being says. The final outcome is a reflection of what the person’s inner being says at that particular moment.

Poetry for Meditation the right way

There are a lot of things to consider aside from the thought of the poem’s content in order to make it work by complimenting meditation. How it is read is an important thing to observe. It should be done quietly, the reading should be heartfelt, and it should be able to invoke on calm emotions and thoughts. Its element should be something that would invoke relaxation and healing of the person’s thoughts and emotions.

Nowadays, poetry is being used as accompaniment or an introduction to the actual meditation. This is to invoke thoughts and emotions that will take the person easier to his or her inner being. Aside from the physical aspects of breathing in accordance with an unheard rhythm and reciting poetry through a calming, soothing tone of voice, it all boils down to the thoughts. Poetry works in different ways with people and some meditative poetry may be beneficial for some practitioners but not for others. Meditation practitioners can try out different poetry until they find the perfect one for them.

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