Communication Excellence With NLP

In Neuro-linguistic programming, communication has a different meaning. In NLP, communication is a major matter that should be learned perfectly. There are a lot of secrets that must be known in order to reach a high level of excellent communication.

Euro Linguistic Programming started with the study of excellent communicators. How to be understood by someone even if he disagrees with you? The answer is rapport, a foundation brick of NLP, and the most important method in any communication. Rapport is the ability to get in someone else’s world, to make them believe that you understand them, that you have a strong common ligament. Rapport is the ability to observe each other’s point of view (not necessarily to accept it), to be on the same stage and to appreciate each other’s feelings. When people communicate in rapport they find it very easy to be understood and believe their concerns are blindly and highly regarded by the other person. Rapport means understanding what another is trying to say; not being necessarily agreed with what they said. And when you are in rapport something splendid happens. You and others feel listened to, and well heard.

We are all communicating most of the time, most non-verbally. Even our ingoing thoughts, in effect our internal communications are overwhelmingly passed on to others, through our status, body movements, breathing, facial expressions, gestures, and voice tone or eye movements. With NLP studies, communication has a different meaning and value. Communicating with excellence is not that simple.

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