About Neuro Linguistic Programing – NLP

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP approach states that there is a strong connection in the neurological processes, language and behavioural patterns learned through our experiences.

NLP is identified as “An art and science of personal excellence”. NLP understands your behaviour patterns, and what influences behaviour. NLP is well-liked by salespeople because it helps them in communicating more effectively and persuasive with others. NLP helps a lot with social workers, therapists and businessmen because of its way of gaining sensitivity to others in conflict resolution.

Let us consider some examples; if someone tells you “Do not think about blue bus” you would start thinking about a blue bus. This is because your brain isn’t capable of processing the word “don’t”.

If you put up a notice saying “Do not litter”, you would make a person think about litter which can influence him to increase the amount of litter in the area. So “Keep the premises clean” would have been a more appropriate statement to avoid people from messing the area.

Saying “Jim is a nice guy but he is short” places emphasis on Jim being short whereas saying “Jim is a nice guy even though he is short” places emphasis on Tom being a nice guy. Both sentences are grammatically similar for they are both two clauses joined by a conjunction but, linguistically, they create different ideas.

With NLP you may also change your state “Feelings” through Anchoring.The technique of anchoring can be done at work. Actually you can practice anchoring everywhere i.e. at work, home, social places, where you want to bring good change. Anchoring is one of the ways where NLP can help you change the way you think, act, and feel. Once you start practicing different NLP anchoring techniques it will become your second nature.

NLP techniques help particularly by making it possible for you to:

Set clear goals and define realistic strategies
Coach new and existing staff to help them gain greater satisfaction from their contribution
Understand and reduce stress and conflict
Improve new customer relationship-building and sales performance
Enhance the skills of customer care staff and reduce customer loss
Improve people’s effectiveness, productivity and thereby profitability
NLP includes a set of powerful approaches for rapid and effective behavioural modification, and an operational philosophy to guide their use. It is based on four operational principles.

1. Know what outcome you want to achieve.

2. Have sufficient sensory understanding to know if you are moving towards or away from your outcome.

3. Have sufficient flexibility of behaviour so that you can vary your behaviour until you get your outcome.

4. Take action now.

NLP is all about learning how to think of things differently; particularly negative things that drag you down. NLP teaches you how to think differently and change yourself and others effortlessly.


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