Quit Smoking with NLP

Smoking provides a temporary relief together with high in the form of nicotine. You may smoke in the car, with a cup of coffee, during breaks at work or after a stressful situation. But this time you can stop smoking and feel the satisfaction to become a healthier you.

Congratulations! Yes, you deserve it. You have made an important decision. You’ve decided to be a non-smoker forever. There is someone inside you who always wanted to quit smoking. It is exactly what makes today a very special day.

You’ve finally chosen listening to your body. Your body wants you to be able to breathe freely. Your body has a bitter experience whenever you smoke. Smoking actually hurt one’s body and mind. You are now deciding something better than smoking for yourself.

You have chosen a decision to quit smoking for your own reasons. You have taken great efforts for this. This really is a big achievement for you. You’ve done a great job. Your new life will bring more respect, more love, more time, more money and more happiness. Now onwards your life has filled with full of confidence and energy, health and wealth.

Many of the detrimental health effects of tobacco get eliminated up to the great extent once you quit smoking.

Positive and healing suggestions can sink deeply into your unconscious mind faster. NLP helps you to develop your own strategies for quitting. Once you learn from an NLP expert you can use it for quitting smoking whenever you need in your life. Let us see a small example of NLP technique.

Keep on repeating calmly and quietly to yourself, “I am a non-smoker and I will be a non-smoker forever in my life.” You can do this as many times as you can during a day and night. You can write it down on your desk or above your bed.

‘Take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Relax completely and listen……….

Right from this moment you are a non-smoker. You have never felt better as you are feeling now. You are going to feel better and better now onwards. This is because your lungs continue to be healthier day by day. This is just because you have stopped inhaling the poisonous smoke of tobacco.

You can enjoy the feel good factor once you’re away from all the worries and tensions. It is nice to feel free…… Free from smoke…..Free from foul smell…… free from poisonous smoke… totally free.

You are far away from the poison and the smell. Someone within you was there who always wanted to get rid of smoking. That real inner you have always hated smoking as it stinks and makes you ill. Now you have finally made up your mind. You can now refuse smoking at any situation, anywhere or any time. When you think or something reminds you about cigarettes you will never ever do that mistake again. Never ever……”

This ‘quit smoking’ efforts not only bring health and peace in your life but it also enhances your self confidence and you understand the truth thoroughly that, ‘Nothing is impossible’!

How NLP can help

By identifying what triggers you to light up and assisting you to reprogram those triggers to become a more productive recourse for you.By letting your unconscious mind to assist you in the process of quitting, remember your conscious mind is the goal getter and it is your unconscious mind that is the goal getter.
By interrupting your internal patterns of being a smoker.

For those who have tried other ways to quit why not give NLP a go


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