Focus In Meditation

Focus is having a central point of attention or activity. What you put your focus and energy will materialise, you can make a new world through focus. It is concentrating 100% on the object with your senses. Focus does not allow you to deviate from the object. Focus needs immense alertness.

Focusing is a deep, interactive technique for personal growth that draws upon the wisdom of your real self. Focusing is a way to pay attention to, and understand the process of the meditation. It is a tool which helps in order to follow the thread of truth. Focusing is a way to discover, on the deep level of inner experiencing, what is right. The quieting concentration like the clearing a space of focusing, sweeps away the usual mind/body activities that stand in the way of this still quiet voice, which is felt in focusing. Focusing takes you to an experiential “knowing” of your evolving self, of the arising, transforming, and passing away of the many steps of the complex activities in day to day life.

Though there are many ups and downs in life, focus comes from understanding that you should remain level headed during those ups and downs. Focus never looks back. Focused person always remains creative. At every second to contribute virtue to the journey, not just to make the best of things, but to make them beautiful. Focus is tireless. Focus is when you can stand still in a particular mental position and give whatever you are doing the undiluted strength of that stillness.

Focusing on an object takes you above now, above barriers, above relationships, above the senses and above even your own body. Focus takes you to the sheer truth. Focusing attention is dependent on top-down processing while automatic attention is more focused on bottom-up processing. Bottom-up processing is mainly triggered by the presence of environmental stimuli, while top-down processing is dependent on information in memory, including expectation of what might occur while engaging in the task.
To enhance your focus there are various techniques available in meditation. These methods are Symbol meditation, Candle meditation, Chakra meditation or Color meditation etc. Focusing on any object consistently for 15-20 minutes improves your focusing power. Candle meditation is recommended meditation for those who are unaware of anything or not done any type of meditation ever. It also helps in improving alertness, confidence level and capacity to remain stable in any situation. Changes occur in our consciousness level by gazing steadily at the glowing flame. This meditation technique magnifies and induces single pointedness.

Meditation enhances serotonin level which balances your behavior and mood. It keeps control on your irritating thoughts. All of this leads in enhancing your overall concentration and focus. This automatically enhances your creativity. Meditation also enhances coherence in brain waves. It improves your memory as well as learning ability.


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