Road to Stress Release Tip #10: Go for a Walk

It forces you to breathe deeper and improves circulation. Step outside if possible; if that’s not possible, you can gain many of the same benefits by walking to the bathroom or water cooler, or by pacing back and forth. The trick is to get up and move which distracts your mind away from the stress. You can walk anywhere, from terrace, hall, porch, kitchen garden if you don’t like to go out of home. Walking as a conscious form of exercise reduces your stress and depression easily. It helps to take your mind away from stressful situations. It helps in protecting your heart from the bad effects of stress. A brisk walk is among the best exercises for relieving stress. A brisk walk can do wonders by shifting your attention away from the hectic challenges. It focuses your mind toward appreciating the present moment during walk; you may notice beautiful scenery, a friendly dog or a mom with her cute baby. These experiences allow you to appreciate the good things in life and connect you with others positively. This automatically eliminates your stress.

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