Neuro – (behaviour) and its affect on business and how NLP can assist

NLP relates to the event processed by your five senses and nervous system. Most of you already possess the skills essential for resolving issues that bother in your daily life. The neural network where these skills have stored has lost the connection at present. NLP helps in establishing this connection that access those problem solving skills easily.

NLP handles your subjective experience. The origin of capability to achieve anything we desire is the unconscious mind. The unconscious will take any sustained impression or thought particularly fueled by emotions and convey it into manifestation without doubt. It’s the task of a conscious mind to select carefully which sustained impressions and thoughts the unconscious mind receives.
When the unconscious mind has been programmed by suggestions to do something, conscious mind will ‘invent’ the reasons to warrant it. It is an inbuilt mechanism to make us feel consistent with our actions. A suggestion can easily influence our unconscious, to make us feel to compelled to do, think or feel a particular thing. Due to the mechanism of consistency, you might consciously justify doing it. In normal life, a process of compulsive habits occurs constantly.

NLP helps you to discover how other people are creating their experience inside their minds. NLP leads you to understand, change and improve those internal states of mind. Conscious mind is director of the subconscious mind. It is the programmer of the unconscious mind, which is creative and execute out the program using its tremendous energy.

In NLP there are several filters before you feel it inside your minds. You will find three main filters which act as the doors of perception. These filters are deletion of information, distortion of meaning and generalization.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) means conventional training methodologies to accomplish your objectives. NLP has the great impact on individuals, teams and organizations. It shows the positive impact on results and the main point here. NLP has infinite potential applications running a business. NLP helps in bringing out hidden human excellence. NLP actually sharpens and strengthens your personal skills and qualities.

NLP has referred to as “An art and science of personal excellence”. NLP understands your behavior patterns, then influence your behavior. NLP is popular with salespeople because doing so assists them in gaining power over others. NLP helps a lot to social workers, therapists and businessmen because of its method of gaining sensitivity to others in conflict resolution.
There are many models available in NLP that will help you in developing following aspects in business:
• Set clear goals
• Define realistic strategies
• Understand and reduce stress and conflict
• Coach new and existing staff
• Improve new customer relationship
• Enhance sales performance
• Improve effectiveness of your staff
• Improve productivity
• Improve profitability


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