Meditation for Busy People

If you are a stressed and busy person who feels the need to learn meditation but finding half an hour or more to meditate is itself stressful then, here are a few short meditation techniques from three to ten minutes in length. These techniques can be highly beneficial for busy people. These techniques teach you a powerful method for quick transforming the mind. It will also encourage the rapid growth and development of calmness and relaxation.

Technique 1: Calm Your Mind

Photo Credits: Serenity Yoga RetreatsIt is a simple yet effective practice that illustrates just how the way you pay attention changes the type of our experience. You can practice it within a five minute break in office, while travel or anywhere. You have to sit quietly in your chair or anyplace ideal for you. If possible you may also lay down. Then gently close your eyes. Maintain your hands on your thighs or straight by touching gently your thumb with your index finger. This will help you to concentrate immediately. Then take two deep breaths and exhale slowly. Start counting your breaths once it gets normal.

This breathing count will take you away from all your stresses and you’ll get relaxed within 5 to 10 minutes easily. This helps you when you stuck up with some serious problems. This technique will calm your mind and provide relaxation to your brain, so that you can begin working on the problem with new vision.

We have different ways of looking, both at the external world and, more metaphorically, in the mind, and how we look determines the type of our experience. We can look in a tight, narrow, focused way, which leads to physical tension inner tunnel vision and mental strain, or you can try looking in a more open and receptive way, taking awareness right to the periphery of our vision. Looking in this way leads to greater relaxation and calmness.

Closing eyes takes you away from the present scenario. It gives a good break to your stressed brain and mind. Similarly touching your fingers known as ‘Gyan Mudra’ that means knowledge hand position. It helps you to relax your body and concentrate the mind to the task of meditation. It also helps to relieve stress and transcend worldly problems.
The word Gyan means wisdom in Sanskrit. Thus, practicing the Gyan Mudra extends help to achieve instill wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. This is the reason why the Gyan Mudra is widely used in numerous meditation techniquies. It provide relief in tension and depression. It relates to expansion and knowledge. It is extremely calming and brings the spiritual openness and ease in meditation. It stimulates the brain, empower the mind, nervous system and pituitary gland. This affects the energy within and hence assists in altering mood. You feel very fresh after this practice.

It is a very simple and effective technique that you can do anywhere and needs just five to ten minutes. If you’re very busy person you can practice this technique anywhere from office to your car, or even while travelling.



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