That Nagging Thought

You know what I’m talking about…don’t you? That one annoying thought that keeps bugging you all through the day, even though it might seem to go quiet for a brief moment when you’re distracted by something else, it only comes back a lot stronger at night…. Just when you thought you could relax and have some sleep!

And then we start another day all over trying to ignore that nagging thought, only to get worn down, tired and maybe a little grumpy.

My question is, exactly how healthy is it… really, to go on ignoring that thought?

Our thoughts, particularly the nagging ones, is there for a purpose. It can be your intuition, a prompting that will serve you or someone else, or a reminder to settle a problem before it gets bigger than you are able to handle.

The stress comes, not so much from the thought itself, but the meaning or label we give it.

Things i would suggest, is to get into a quiet place if you can and have some paper and pen ready – then ask yourself:

What is it about this thought that is so important as to persist?

What’s its purpose?

Is it going to help anyone by acting on the thought, or is it a negative thought originating from old programming which is not helpful to getting on with life?

What changes can be made?

If it’s an inner prompting, will it disappear when acted on?

You may be surprised to find that with this simple activity of writing down everything about the nagging thought, it goes away by itself or simply be at peace with it.

Just know that your mind is an amazing gift to you, and is there only to serve you.



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