Finding Motivation in Business

A lot of my clients come to me complaining that they are not motivated to do things in there business, saying can I motivate them, then I have others that put money into different programs (that i think a very good idea if it’s for the correct reasons) to get motivated.
However, when we look closely at motivation we realise that it’s a feeling, what we describe as a State, a “state of being”. Motivation is usually caused by external or internal stimuli that cause you to get into the state of motivation.

The problem is that when we’re seeking motivation from external or internal stimuli we’ll continually be dependent on that stimulus to feel motivated. So how is it possible to feel motivated whatever is happening? The truth is it is possible to recall a period when you were motivated and bring it to your current situation to feel motivated.
Listed below are some other strategies

Firstly have a great reason why you would like to be in business and ensure it is towards what you want rather than away from what you don’t want. Away from motivation only motivates you for a time as soon as you begin getting outcomes are likely to go back towards what you don’t want.

Secondly remember a time when you were totally motivated as you do this feel the feeling of being motivated, see what you saw and hear what you heard, and also as you do that enter into that motivation, now while you do that apply an external stimuli (anchor), or look at a picture of you having the lifestyle you wish. Perhaps you might like to do that to a song so that every time you hear music you will feel motivated.

You will want to do that several times to improve the anchor experience so that later on when you lack motivation, you are able to apply the anchor. This is a great way to get started however remember the same way you do “not motivated” you can do “motivated”

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