Importance of Meditation

For many centuries, meditation continues to be an important part of different cultures or religions around the world. It’s unfortunate that meditation has been hidden away in a shroud of mystery for so long, being related to culture or religion. Yet, an increasing number of scientists are discovering the advantages of meditation – not just of spiritual benefits, but the more tangible benefits of the mind and body.

Dr. Richard Davidson (A leading neuroscientist who studies meditation)
“What we have found is that the long time (meditation) practitioners showed brain activation on a scale we have never witnessed before. Their mental practice has an effect on the brain in the same way golf or tennis practice will enhance performance.”

Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn – 1985 Journal of Behavioural Medicine

A study was conducted by Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn, where a group of people who suffered chronic pain, were instructed to meditate for ten weeks.

The study found a significant reduction in present moment pain, negative mood disturbances, depression and anxiety and also a change in negative body image. Pain related drug usage decreased and self-esteem increased.

Let’s look at a few more benefits:

Meditation Can be useful for achieving goals and or solving problems

Reduces stress

Can prevent bullying and aggression

Has been discovered to help asthma patients

Reduces High Blood pressure

It is easy to notice that in the technology crazed age we are living in now, with all the signs of stress, aggression, health problems and with school bullying on the rise, it very important to have an outlet that will help with all of these mal factors.

Even if you are not impacted by any of these, meditation can be useful for increased performance at work.

You might want to stop a minute and try out one simple meditation on and see whether or not it could be an important part of your life.

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