Inner Peace! Your Life Will Flow When You Have it. Meditate Today!

I’m fortunate to have been on a journey throughout my life where I’ve realized Inner peace is among my greatest values. I have seen, felt and had a voice inside my head that created a lot of fears which in turn caused my mental health and body to break down.

My mental health suffered greatly as the fears in my mind took over which meantmy health got worse from my self-sabotage patterns and fears. I spent several years attempting to combat this and found that having Inner peace assisted me to create room in my mind to create positive changes and also have a life and business I love today.

Having a calm mind you can achieve anything and listen to your inner voice of truth that assists and guides you to make any positive changes you want in your life. Meditation and learning to relax my mind has me at a peak in my life with clarity anda strong mind to guide me. I feel I can now combat anything. This is something through the art of meditation I’m now teaching from experiencing such success in my own transformation.

To connect to your heart and listen to your inner voice clearly and working for you in your daily life is one of the greatest gifts of transformation you are able to give yourself.

Inner peace, love and clarity lead to a healthy body and mind. Feeling peaceful in your mind brings love and gratitude. Through meditation learning how to become aware of how you feel, thoughts and emotions will assist to take these fears we create in our minds and transform them into loveand Inner peace. Fear is not real actually you may have heard of fear being known as “False Evidence Appearing Real.

Only love is truth and exists.When we meditate and choose to be silent we can transform all areas of our lives by releasing the stress and anxiety that causes our emotions to create an inbalance in our minds and lives.
If you wish to live with better health and release the stress and mental anguish of a busy lifestyle then meditation is important. Inner peace and heart centred living will assist to do just that. If you want more clarity, love, better health and Inner peace. Start to Meditate Today!

If you’re new on your journey of meditation or would like to get started I suggest listening to guided meditations as a starting point and just allow yourself to begin to feel more peaceful. As soon as your body starts to experience the peace and love made in the space of meditation you’ll want to live in this way much more.

When you begin to practice and do meditation everyday you will see, feel and have all the Inner peace, clarity and health advantages of meditation. This will aid you to overcome and transform anything in your life. From my personal experiences I’ve seen first hand the transformation that can occur once we stay on course and make inner peace and living from the heart our Intention. Now i have the pleasure of sharing these details with others from the challengers I faced.

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Much Love and blessings to you

Astrid x

You can find me at and enjoy my free guided Meditations and for Programs and Products I have created to assist people to release fear and embrace love. I also have an online Meditation Online store if you’re a beginner to assist you to connect with your heart through meditation and release your fears.


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