Teaching Meditation-Phase IV

On this phase the participants are going one step forward within the meditation process. They’ll learn together with breathing, other sensations like touch and hear and smell. The spectrum of meditation is slowly widening towards multiple senses.
As soon as you familiarize yourself with your breathing, then start feeling the touch of cushion, cloths. Try to have the things happening outside your system. Feel the touch of air and sweat on your own body. Experience the pain if any will there be within your body, feel the stretch, feel the movement within you. Experience the sensation on your own body. Experience the smell. Attempt to listen the humming noise of air condition. Understand all the noises coming from a distance.
Don’t get involved in each one of these feelings; just observe them like a third person. Slowly try and understand the connection of these things along with you, your surroundings. Now you learn to stay calm in any situation. You are getting aware about your own strength. You are now conscious that nothing from the outside world can disturb or distract you.

It is better in case you practice some yoga and fitness and breathing exercises together with your meditation practice. Most of these will influence your physical, emotional and mental being in an optimistic way. As soon as you become free of all of the hurdles of physical, mental and emotional level, meditation will help you to move towards your real self.

Practicing meditation for 30 minutes every day will make you a peaceful and quite person. It will likewise boost your defense mechanisms. Your emotional and mental blockages will get dissolved day by day during meditation practice. The truth about ‘this moment’ will end up your nature. It will automatically stop your clinging to past experiences or future worries. Your brain will become clear and alert. This should help you in taking any kind of decisions in your life with little effort. Lots of your small problems like, headache, cold and cough, dark circles around eyes will start disappearing during your meditation practice.
These are generally all advantages of meditation you can perfectly experience at physical, emotional and mental levels. If you want to go further for ones spiritual development, you need to practice at least half an hour meditation twice a day. The greater time you can spend for meditation practice, the greater. As you move forward on this journey of self realization, you will get intuitions for your progress. Here you don’t need any other person to guide you. Your higher self will lead you and guide you from time to time towards the path of enlightenment.

The path of meditation is thousands of years old and accompanied by several people from just about all cultures world wide. It is proved path with out a single side effect. It only needs your body and mind for sometime during twenty four hours. Every achievement you gain during meditation practice is long lasting. Meditation teaches you the truth about your ‘self’. It teaches you that peace, happiness would be the inbuilt qualities of your spirit. You don’t want to take efforts to accomplish it, only you must sit calmly and quietly to acknowledge the things you curently have within you.


Read more: http://www.meditationtoday.com.au/teaching-meditation-phase-iv/


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