Teaching Meditation- Phase II


Let us think that the participants in meditation program are now well aware about concentration techniques. They also have ready to sit in a single position for half an hour with no difficulty.

Up till now they are practicing this technique with open eyes. Now you have to train them to do this with closed eyes. It will ready them to move towards the step of actual meditation technique. Within this second phase all other things is still same like, focusing on an object.

Now slowly tell the participants to close their eyes gently after concentrating on the object for a minute or two. Get them to visualise the object with closed eyes that they are concentrating on with open eyes. A number of them may able to visualise the object for just a fraction of second and some of them might not capable to visualise the object at all. Never mind. The 2nd phase of meditation is practicing for visualisation with closed eyes. Tell them to concentrate them on the object for five to ten minutes. Again try to visualise that object by gently closing your eyes. This way they may succeed in visualising the object with closed eyes for more than a minute or two.

This is a very crucial phase in the journey of a meditation process. The primary purpose behind this phase is to make the participants aware that, visualisation is also possible with the closed eyes. During this session you can also use some guided meditation instructions. It can be like general relation technique with counting. This makes the participants prepared to sit in one position with closed eyes for 30 minutes. They’ll start utilising their visualisation and imagination powers a lot more.

Here are some instructions for your reference which can use for guided relaxation meditation along with positive affirmations.
Sit quietly in comfortable position. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Gently close your eyes while inhaling. Slowly exhale. Completely relax. You’re sinking down into a drowsy state where everything is calm and quite. You are able to feel the deep relaxed state. You’re floating in a joyous state. Each organ of your body has completely relaxed. Your mind is free of all concerns and worries. Your nerves are calm and free from all tensions. Your entire body and mind are in perfect harmony. Nothing from outside can disturb your harmonious relaxed state.

You’re in a deep. and peaceful sleep. Your unconscious is accepting all your affirmations happily. your will power is growing immensely. you can concentrate more and more in almost any task. Power of your memory has enhanced tremendously. your all psychic and emotional problems have vanished altogether. You are totally free from all types of fear, anxiety and tensions. You will remain free from any type of addiction. Power of your unconscious mind has increased. All these affirmations are incredibly powerful and easily accepted by your unconscious mind for your benefit on the permanent basis. It will help you a lifelong. Every day in each and every way you will get a lot more successful.
This will calm down their mind and they will get ready for the 3rd phase of meditation.




Read more: http://www.meditationtoday.com.au/teaching-meditation-phase-ii/



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