What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is similar to a microscope. It is run on a subtle level so that you can see realities from conscious thoughts. Mindfulness realizes the inbuilt impermanence of every perception. It sees the flowing and resting nature of all things perceived. It sees them directly. It knows the unsatisfactory nature of all conditioned things.

Mindfulness is actually a mirror picture of your thoughts. It reflects what’s happening at this moment and in the way it is happening exactly. There is no biased-ness. Mindfulness is non-egoistic alertness which takes place without reference to your self. Mindfulness prevents you from adding or subtracting anything to perception. It allows you to observe things without distortion.
Mindfulness enables you to watch the universe within. It making you an unbiased observer whose task is to keep watching the flow of the universe within which is continuously passing. The universe within has contain a whole lot of material. An understanding of this material leads you to total freedom. In Mindfulness, your topic of study will be your own experience, your emotions, your perceptions and your thoughts. In Mindfulness you will be your personal laboratory.

Mindfulness is creating distinct feelings of its own in your consciousness. Mindfulness has a clear, energetic flavor. Conscious thoughts are heavy and sticky, to allow them to create behavior patterns easily. All these are simple words. Your personal experience of Mindfulness can explain you reality without a single word. Then you will know the beauty of Mindfulness. This speechless experience of Mindfulness is an outcome of an everyday practice.

Mindfulness is an observation which is non-judgmental. Mindfulness is an impartial observation. Mindfulness observes each of the feelings, experiences, thoughts equally. No thoughts are favorable or unfavorable during Mindfulness. It is just an unbiased observation. In Mindfulness, you will see things without criticism. Mindfulness observes the experiences. Mindfulness observes the character of every phenomenon happening in your business.
Focusing with non-judgmental awareness does not indicate passiveness. It does not mean that you must accept whatever occurs in your business even the harmful things. However non-judgmental awareness enables you to look at the situation from all angles then respond with thoughtful way. Non judgmental attention doesn’t mean responding with habitual pattern or compulsion.

Mindfulness lets you know when you get stuck with your thought patterns. It enables you to come out of the sucked thought. Mindfulness focuses your attention to the current moment. When you are meditating, your focus would be the formal object of meditation. When you’re not in formal meditation, it will be just a pure application of paying attention to whatever comes up.
Mindfulness not only holds mental hindrances away but also destroys them. Mindfulness neutralizes defilement within the mind. The outcome is a mind which remains stable and never gets affected by the good and the bad of business. Mindfulness is a difficult concept to define it in words. A concept of Mindfulness can feel and experience at your subtle degree of consciousness. It’s not possible to express Mindfulness in exact words. You can experience it.


Read more: http://www.meditationtoday.com.au/what-is-mindfulness/


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