Teaching Meditation –Phase I

From the initial phase of meditation you need to explain about what is meditation? This is necessary because lots of people have various misconceptions about meditation. They hear from someone about it or they read somewhere but only a few or no one of them have undergone the actual experiences of meditation. It is highly impossible for them to put the right efforts at the beginning, unless they understand clearly what meditation is.

The next thing you have to tell them at the beginning that the benefits of the meditation.

Understand that every person in the class has different expectations from meditation as per their own perspectives. Which means you have to explain all the benefits thoroughly. At the same time you need to let them know that meditation is not a cure but an ongoing process. The more you do, the more you gain.

Meditation is very easy process and hence much difficult to understand and practice. As you’re aware that simplicity is profound. Not many people have used to sit calmly and quietly without having done anything. Thus within the first phase of meditation you have to teach them about concentration. At the beginning it is difficult for most of them to sit with closed eyes. So concentrating on some object with open eyes is the ideal thing for beginners in the meditation class. You can select any object like a dark circle of the size of coin, or perhaps a candle light if you’re teaching at late evening.

Concentration practice may start with ten minutes in the beginning. Gradually you can increase it up to half an hour. After every session ask them regarding their feelings, experiences during concentration time. Encourage them whether they can prolong this process. If some of them are not much comfortable, convince them that it happens at the starting point. Tell them that meditation is a method that gives unique experiences to every individual. No one can expect the same experience as of any other person. This way you have to build their confidence and encourage them for regular practice of meditation.

You need to get them to realize that meditation is a scientific process and not magic. You can not predict anything within a stipulated time in meditation. It may provide you with the results more or less than your expectations. As soon as you practice it consistently and get mastery over the process you will understand the potency of meditation.

Understanding the skill of concentration and sitting calmly in a single position for around 30 minutes is not a simple task. It could take some time. This time varies from person to person. Thus on an average one week is enough if you have one month meditation program. There is no hard and fast rule for this time. If your program is for a short period then 2 to 3 days are also sufficient for teaching and practicing this concentration technique in the first phase of learning meditation.

When the participants knows about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual advantages of meditation, they will definitely eager to learn it.


Read more: http://www.meditationtoday.com.au/teaching-meditation-phase-i/



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