Meditation for Improving Your Self Esteem

There are several ways that meditation can help you to enhance your self esteem. Assertiveness is an art of achieving whatever you desire without causing problems for others. It is the balance between passivity and aggression.

Positive affirmation is a way to change negative self talk into positive. Affirmations can be practiced at anytime. There’s no any type of restrictions while practicing affirmations. There are some specific ways to make the affirmations more powerful. For instance mirror technique, meditation technique, writing technique, self-hypnosis etc. But just saying affirmations either loudly or in mind also work similarly.

Let us have some meditation suggestions for boosting your self esteem:
“Take a deep breath. Exhale slowly. Now relax completely. Don’t concentrate. Take it easy. Calm and quite……………..
Just let the words drift in your mind, without any focus on any of them. Accept yourself completely. Whatever kind of person you are, just accept yourself as you are. You are capable of achieving many things and you are a worthwhile person. You can handle all the issues that cross your path because you are a strong person…. You are…. a good person…… an okay person.

You can remain happy even during the difficult circumstances because you deserve to be happy. Your are aware of the truth that a worth cannot measured by appearance, looks, achievements, wealth or other external things. You are worthwhile as the way you are”

Remember one thing that your unconscious mind is always aware, in whatever state you are. It always listen your comments, thoughts and then try to bring them into reality. So rather than thinking anything (bad or good) unknowingly it is always better to keep on practicing positive affirmations. It automatically move the negative thoughts out of your mind and then try to stick the thoughts (affirmations) chosen by you for your betterment.

Allow your mind to drift all these words, as you just relax.

Keep repeating these affirmations for enhancing your self-esteem.

It’s okay to have flaws and i’m a person with flaws.

I am likable and it is okay to like myself.

I appreciate my uniqueness and i’m a worthwhile person.

I accept support, love and aid from others and I take care of others.

I deserve to be happy always and I deserve all good things.

It is okay to have flaws and i’m a person with flaws.

I like myself and I approve myself.

I’m confident and I hold myself in high regard.

Let your mind to drift all these words…. relaxing. Allow these affirmations for self-esteem to enter into your unconscious. Let it become true for you. You are completely filling with a sense of confidence and self-assurance.

You’re slowly making positive changes within you…. By doing this you’re increasing your self-esteem.

Completely relax now; notice the feel good factor about yourself…. allow yourself to feel confident and firm.
Hold this feeling of self-esteem for a while. Visualize it in your own way. Remember and believe the affirmations for self-esteem. Allow them to percolate in your unconscious mind.”


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