Understanding The Nuances Of Mindfulness Exercises

Stress, anxiety, irritation…the emotions are becoming as much a part of our life as breathing is. Wouldn’t it be nicer though whenever we could do without letting their negative energy pull us down? Mindful meditation might help us create just that life.

How Does Mindful Meditation Work?Within the basic form, mindful meditation means focusing your complete attention on the moment taking place, thus ensuring that you don’t only provide your best to the moment, and also enjoy it completely.
In reality mindfulness meditation trains the mind to focus so singularly on a single task that there is no space left for any negative emotions to seep in.
There are actually four major parts of this form of meditation.

Thought regulation
Emotion regulation
Body awareness
Self-belief and self-control

How To Practice Mindful Meditation Exercises?

The best part about mindfulness meditation is the fact that it’s amazingly simple to practice. All you need to do is to keep the following key points in mind:
Search for a secluded place – Choose a quiet, peaceful place with limited or possibly no distractions. Eliminate all potential distractions from the surroundings, for instance cellphones, television etc. Avoid light, whenever possible.

Posture – Position yourself on the ground. Follow the correct posture – fold your legs so that your knees touch the ground, fold your arms and hands too, relax all tensed muscles within your body. Sit straight together with your back upright. This will make the flow of energy in your body just perfect.

Focus your eyes downwards: Look at the space a few inches in front of your nose. Breathe in and breathe out slowly. Feel each breath flow throw your body. Continue breathing slowly, eventually you will notice that you’ve reached a sense of calm.
Take control of your Mind – In case there are any thoughts of the past, or the future or anything troublesome that’s running through your mind, don’t dwell on them. Either Stop thinking or let thoughts flow in and out of your mind. The idea is to let your mind be at peace.

Focus – Don’t think about anything else but yourself and the present moment that you’re involved in. You need to concentrate on your breathing, notice the floor that you are sitting on, feel the position of your legs, your folded arms and hands.

Timing – As recommended you have to spare Fifteen minutes, 2 times a day for the first Two weeks to mindfulness meditation exercises. Regular meditation can help you attain a sense of both mental and physical harmony.

Meditation is the key to mental purification and inner peace. The calmer you are, the more empowered you feel. Start now; meditate your way to a a healthier lifestyle.


Read more: http://www.meditationtoday.com.au/understanding-the-nuances-of-mindfulness-exercises/


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