Top 5 Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation Exercises

What’s mindfulness meditation? In simple words, it is to become fully aware about the current situation, your senses being in tune with the present moment.

The idea is just not to live in the past or future, as that might cloud your judgment and focus on little things that you may not notice otherwise, from the depth of your breath to your heartbeat.The advantage you ask? There isn’t one, there are many! The following are the top five advantages of mindful meditation:

1) Stress Reduction
This almost goes without saying! Mindfulness meditation involves focusing completely on the present and also the mundane task at hand. In this situation your mind become too busy to worry about the past or worry about the future. The result, you leave behind stress!

2) Enhance your Relationships
Mindfulness meditation will make you more compassionate and understanding. The examples are everywhere, spend time with a person who meditates regularly and you’ll see that they are calmer and more peaceful souls.
The logic is easy, meditation helps you find inner peace and once you are pleased with yourself, you’ll be capable of love and be loved more freely. Try mindfulness meditation and you’ll feel the difference in yourself.

3) Pain Management
Often we make pain worse by thinking about it! It’s proven fact. In fact several cancer patients use hypnosis to deal with the pain of chemotherapy. Why does it work? Because, under hypnosis their mind becomes calmer as well as their attention is diverted away from the pain. Meditation too works similarly; it calms your nerves when in pain. Moreover, several reports have also suggested that regular practice raises the pain threshold.

4) Better Sex Life
Now here’s the fun part! Mindful meditation can in fact make things a lot more fun between the sheets!Research shows that people who practice mindfulness meditation often tend to be more programmed to feel the moment – the pleasure of each passionate touch, each sensual kiss heightened . For them sex too becomes another aspect of mindful meditation.

5) Overall Health and Well Being
You are not just what you eat, but also what you think. Our mental and physical well-being is inter-connected. It’s common knowledge, after all that stress (which is a mental issue) manifests into several physical problems. Meditating regularly can kill stress and with it a lot of the physical and mental ailments it brings.



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