The Marriage of Mindfulness Meditation and Daily Chores?

Don’t find time to meditate? Have too much in your plate and don’t know where to fit your me-time in? What if I were to tell you that you don’t have to find time for meditation? Or, your daily chores could become your mindfulness meditation exercises?

No, I am serious, really! You could meditate while gardening, chopping the veggies, driving your car, even when you take the stairs to work!

Mindfulness Exercises In Your Daily Life
Mindfulness Meditation is when you are fully aware of your mind and soul. This is when you’re “feeling” each moment in its entirety
In order to incorporate it in your daily routine, you have to identify activities that calm you and then use them as mindful meditation exercises. The few suggestions here will help you do the same:

Ground Your Thoughts – Often when we perform mundane tasks or those that don’t require our conscious mind to get fully involved, our thoughts start drifting in several different directions.
To make any chore in to a mindfulness meditation exercise, you need to come up with a conscious attempt to focus all your attention onto it.

So, if you’re chopping vegetables for example, think just about the task at hand, feel the texture of the veggies, concentrate on the sound of the knife slicing through the veggies, absorb their colors and mull on them.
The concept here is to think, feel and live completely in the moment. The harder you practice, the better you’ll be capable of incorporate mindfulness in each and every part of your life, whether it is work, or quality time together with your loved ones and family.
Concentrating on Your Breath: Each time your mind starts wandering bring your attention to the process of breathing.
Be aware of every in breath and out-breath and continue this till your distracting thoughts have faded away. Then, gradually bring you attention back to the work at hand.
Once you learn the art of concentrating on your breath, you’ll capable to control the random thoughts that distract from enjoying your present.
Also, with practice you’ll gradually get attuned to breathing in the good vibes and breathing out all of the negativity in your life.

These simple tips can be simply applied in your daily life. Though it may not be easy to incorporate them in the beginning, you’ll eventually figure out how to redirect your focus with a little more discipline.



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