Is Mindfulness Meditation Linked With Positive Brain Changes?


Did you know mindful meditation exercises can in fact help prevent the onset of mental illnesses?In accordance with an article published within the Huffington Post, Researchers with the University of Oregon in fact used a form of MRI imaging technique and discovered that– “This dynamic pattern of white matter change involving the anterior cingulate cortex, a part of the brain network associated with self-regulation, could provide a means for intervention to improveprocedes to prove what I and many of my fellow practitioners have been saying for years!

Scientifically, meditation boosts the output of the feel good hormones-endorphins. It is one of the key reasons why people that meditate regularly often report feeling happier and a lot more cheerful after having a meditation session.The fact is meditation can help people who suffer from some of the following mental and lifestyle issues:

Anxiety Disorder
Meditation helps relieve anxiety problems; it is pathway to achieve calm and inner peace. How? Well, for that we have to first know the cause of anxiety. Let’s try a little exercise:
Think back to the last time you felt extremely anxious about something. What was the problem? An unresolved part of the past or fear of something in the future, right?

Now, if you decide to train your mind to concentrate only around the present, wouldn’t you be able to nip your anxieties in the bud? That’s exactly what mindful meditation exercises can help you do.

Depression is a state once the energy field of your body is done with resistance created by a negative emotion.Those that have a tendency to get depressed often get demotivated easily. Mindfulness meditation, on the other hand, can help people dispel negative energy by enjoying every moment completely.Moreover regular meditation is also believed to improve the production of serotonin – a happy hormone.

Sleeping DisorderManipulating the wandering mind is a mean task. When you are facing the challenge every other night, mindful meditation exercises might be exactly what you need!
Regular practice will train your mind to focus on the moment when you hit the bed, feel your body relax, pay attention to your breathing and forget about the anxieties of the past and the future.

Relationship Issues
Most relationship problems occur because we fail to nurture them and give our loved ones the attention they deserve. The reason often is a million things clouding and spoiling the little time we find for relationships.
Making mindful meditation a habit, on the other hand, helps us become more attentive and focused on our loved ones, by training our minds to stay focused on the moment at hand.






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