Simple and Free Mindfulness Meditation Tips to Improve your Relationships

Relationships may be complicated little things; whether it is with your good friend, mother, boyfriend, spouse, girlfriend, father, sibling, etc. There are occassions when you feel you can’t live without them, but living with them could be a right pain too!

Little arguments explode into massive rows, you lose your temper, people you cherish act hurtful, all relationships come with their own set of challenges and lows.
Hindsight, however, usually allows us view things from a different perspective and we quite often we understand that the worst arguments could have been prevented if either one of us had acted rationally, or with more maturity.
In my opinion that’s where meditation comes into play. Through regular practice of meditation, we get in touch with our inner voice and feel more assured about ourselves, this reflects in the way we treat our loved ones too.

How Does Meditation Help?
Meditation essentially allows us to reestablish our relationship with our inner psyche, and nurture it. This connection, though always present within us, gets drowned in the noise of the external world, and as we rush through our everyday life, we sometimes forget its existence.
Whenever we lose touch with our inner being, all sorts of negativity manifests from us; we often feel more unsure, irritated, helpless, depressed, or angry. How we feel is how we end up treating our near and dear ones, and once we’re in this particular condition, we forget to value them and treat them in a hurtful manner too.
Meditation renews our love for ourselves, and as we meditate, we tend to see the good in ourselves and those in our lives, and treat them with love, kindness and respect.

Meditation Exercise For Better RelationshipsBegin with simply sitting cross-legged in a room together with your eyes closed and hum to create positive frequency that could travel through your body and heal you. Take deep breaths and concentrate on each in-breath and out-breath. Visualize all of the negativity being released as you exhale and breathe in pure, positive, fresh air.

As you sit down to meditate, it is important to let out all stressful feelings that well up in your mind. Meditation helps empty out the baggage we carry around in our hearts, and move forward with a clear slate. The longer time you can sit still having a clear mind, the stronger you become from within. Even though this may seem difficult at first, over time, with practice you’ll be able to control your thoughts for a longer period of time.
When you practice meditation frequently, you’ll be able to not only handle yourself better even in a lot more stressful times, but also bring forth a much more reliable, dependable side of you in your relationships.



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