How to Meditate to Awaken your Sixth Sense

Your sixth sense is an intangible, higher sense that works differently from the other five senses you’ve got. It’s what you feel, your instinct, that inner voice – that’s the sixth sense. It tells you all you need to know; all that you should feel comes through this sixth sense.

Our sixth sense creates little miracles for all of us everyday. It’s upto us to see them for what they are. You could be thinking about someone you haven’t met in a long time, and out of the blue you find yourself face to face with them. Coming from a closed mind’s perspective you may call it a coincidence, but change your perspective and you’ll realize that it was the voice of your intuition or sixth sense letting you know about the impending meeting all along!

The Guiding Light Of The Sixth Sense
If you are in a situation in which you feel exhausted with the mere effort of attempting to get through the day, it might be because you are ignoring the signs your mind is providing, as it attempts to inform you the right way. The harder you fight your inner voice, greater the obstacles you face in life seem. Your sixth sense helps to assist you, just like a compass, showing you the right choices you need to experience life, to get to the right places, and have a good life.

The sixth sense works in a discreet manner, dropping very subtle hints, which we have to fine-tune our mind to listen to or be conscious of.

Meditation To Sharpen The Intuition
Meditation can assist our minds tune more into the power of the subconscious or the sixth sense, so that we learn how to use our inner strength in the best possible mannerAn easy relaxation technique like relaxing in a comfortable posture together with your eyes closed, and taking slow, deep breaths helps us connect our conscious mind with our subconscious better. When the channels open, you allow for more information to circulate through the subconscious into the conscious mind.

Blue is a healing color, and imagining yourself all engulfed within the color blue as you meditate will also help you strengthen your sixth sense. Consider softer tones of blue wrapping your body, starting from the top of the head and moving all the way down to your feet. As your aura gets coated using the healing power of blue, your subconscious begins to awaken and you can feel a greater sense of control over your life.



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