How to Meditate for a Better Heart

Heartbreak isn’t just a metaphorical term to point out pain or hurt, the poor heart actually bears the brunt of our own disappointments and stress. The latter especially could possibly be the cause of a complete breakdown (of the heart).

Unfortunately, heart ailments do not have a lasting cure, and require consistent medication and expensive treatment. However, if you were to meditate regularly, you can keep heart ailments and consequently the doctor away!
How can Meditation Help?
When you meditate, your inner subconscious becomes activated and becomes more in tune with your conscious senses, and provides you immense power from deep within your core to help you cope with all kinds of challenges. It is impossible to measure the sheer amount of power that exists within your subconscious, and it is capable of providing you the support you require to overcome any obstacle, be it physical or even emotional.

As you learn how to cope with stress in a better manner through meditation, you’ll begin to see a significant change even your physical wellbeing. Your heart will grow stronger as the stress diminishes, and you’ll turn healthier.

Meditation For The Heart
Seat yourself in a comfortable position and begin meditating by taking slow and deep breaths. Gradually, take deeper breaths and continuously focus on the rhythm of the breath. As you focus on your breath, over time, you will start feeling sense of calm. As a next step, pay greater attention to your heart, by visualizing it as a physical entity. Imagine the effect of each breath you take on the heart, how it expands and contracts and pumps blood through the veins.

Conjure up a picture of a person or thing or place you hold dearly in your heart. As you meditate, concentrate on this picture and observe the growing feeling of joy within your heart. You’ll feel more empowered and your heart will beat in a healthier manner as you visualize positivity and embrace the vibes from this action.
To start with, try accomplishing this meditation exercise for about 3-5 minutes each day. After performing this meditation, you’ll feel a sense of control and calm in your mind, and will also experience a feeling of lightness in your heart.

You can perform meditation for a healthy heart in addition to making other changes in your life, including adopting a healthier diet and getting more exercise. Keeping your heart open through meditation is the key to strengthening your heart even physically, and keeping all kinds of heart disease at bay.



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