Free Meditation Troubleshooting Tips

If you’re having some issue with your meditation, do not get disheartened too easily. It could be a matter of small, subtle changes that could allow you to get on the right track. Here are a few methods to the common meditation problems people cite as reason for discouragement in their course.

How To Meditate If Sitting Cross-Legged is Uncomfortable…
Some people are victims on the misconception that meditation is usually practiced only while sitting cross-legged. Many instructors are very strict about this too. Personally, I feel if a position makes you uncomfortable, it’s not right for meditation. I’d rather sit on a comfortable chair or anywhere else (so long as I keep my spine straight), instead of creating distractions for myself by deliberately sitting in a distressing position.
How to Meditate If You Can’t Stop Thinking…
It is a highly common problem that most beginners face – that they can’t stop thinking. Remember – no one is expected to stop thinking all together, but instead focus on a certain train of thought. If you think your mind wandering to noises in the surroundings, or what went down in the day, or other miscellaneous wandering, try to focus on something specific such as your breathing. You could also try chanting some encouraging/relevant words to channelize your thoughts. For example – say ‘Freedom’, ‘Be Free’, or something that is purposeful with every breathing cycle.
What If Your Stomach Growls While You’re Meditating…
Okay, this may sound funny and might even remind you of that embarrassing moment when your stomach went grrrmmmp when you were trying to impress your date, but during meditation it shouldn’t be a cause of worry. The stomach growling may actually be an indication of relaxation. It is because, often when tension is released, it goes towards the stomach or bowel. This might produce grumbling sounds, that are completely normal. However, if you find it really distracting, you may meditate with music in the background to cover up the sounds.
If You Can’t Follow A Meditation Routine…
Many beginners find it difficult to attach a routine to their meditative practice. They find it difficult to devote time at a fixed time for a set period everyday. Though this is actually helpful, it isn’t a hard-and-fast rule. If looking for a fixed time is difficult, squeeze in time for meditation between two routine tasks such as bathing and wearing clothes, or clothes and make-up/shoes, etc. If even that doesn’t work, you can do periodic short sessions of meditative exercise during the day whenever you find time. These micro-sessions should be substituted with a complete session at the end of your day whenever you find enough time.
When you take up meditation, it is important to acknowledge that you may not be successful overnight; mastery comes with time, and therefore, perseverance is important. Even when you find yourself failing miserable, don’t quit immediately – try another type of meditation for it might work better for you. Over time, you’ll definitely improve and see the benefits of this art.



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