Free Meditation Tips for Better Sleep

The sheep keep jumping over the fence, but sleep resolutely stays away? If that’s the story of every night for you, it’s time you did something about the stress you carry to bed. Most of the time not being able to sleep is the result of an anxious or stressed mind.

You know, it doesn’t matter if we get 6 or maybe 8 hours in bed, just like doctors tell us to, if we are not able to attain deep sleep in those times. To get deep sleep, we must learn to hit your bed with a calm mind.
So, here’s a list of my personal favorite meditation techniques that may hopefully allow you to sleep better:
Breathe well: Take deep breaths all the way up from your abdomen, and concentrate on each breath you take in and out of your body. Close your eyes, listen to soft music, or even turn the lights down to allow you to concentrate on your breathing rhythm better. Try doing this when you’re sitting or even lying down with your hands placed on your belly. As you focus your mind on the relaxing motion of every breath, your conscious mind will become so involved with the job, that it’ll stop it’s constant chatter and assist you to relax mentally and physically.

Visualize calm: I remember some one told me this story about a can driver that told his customer about going for a vacation every 2 hours. When the bewildered customer asked how that was even possible. The can driver replied that he closes his eyes and imagined himself at any calm peaceful place he wanted, whenever he felt the need for relaxing break!
You can do this too and take a mini-break every night. To get the right scene you can visualize that will relax you, think of a day when you really let go of yourself and had fun with no worries or thoughts lingering in your thoughts – whether it is swimming in the blue ocean on a sunny day, or taking a lazy stroll through a lush green meadow. Identify what your calming scenery might be and you can use an actual image that you can physically view if you feel like.

Pay attention to what is troubling you: Often, what really takes a toll on our minds is our struggle to deny stressful thoughts or stuff them inside a deep corner of your mind, hoping we would stop worrying about them. This is not only unsuccessful, but will also creates more stress in your minds as we overwork ourselves to help keep matters off the table.
When something is bothering you to a large degree, and you’re struggling to think of other things, often it helps to pause, take a seat, and write down our issues. Documenting possible solutions or action steps you can take is also a great way to handle stressful problems.

Sleep tight and the world will seem right (mostly) the next morning. These tips should will hopefully make your nights more peaceful and relaxed.



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