How To Meditate And Relieve Stress

These words hold infinite wisdom. Isn’t the main cause of our stress, the drive to achieve all things in the minimum possible time. If you take a step back and contemplate what you are actually doing, you’ll be aware that in many cases, you begin running each morning and don’t stop until you are exhausted and tired!

Then you wonder, exactly why do you get headaches, so why do you not feel good, even if whatever you have been doing within the day continues to be about chasing happiness in one form or another!

Here’s my advice, don’t rush about a lot, take a step back and breathe. In reality, I would say, take 10-15 minutes out everyday to just focus on the miracle of breathing!

Of course you breathe every moment that you’re alive. But, here’s the thing, we breathe, but we are really not aware of the procedure; it’s a thing that happens in the background. Meditation is a technique that develops this mindfulness helping us view our lives from a different perspective.
So how exactly does Meditation Work?

I’ll try to explain in the basic form how it works. Your conscious mind stands between you and your unconscious mind. As long as it is active, you will find it challenging to connect with your deeper self. You could have noticed how your unconscious messages are passed on to you through your dreams. It happens because your conscious mind is resting. meditation lets you interact with the unconscious, by re-creating a semi-sleep like state (by relaxing your conscious mind).
When we finally focus on something as magical and simple as breathing, it enables us to calm our conscious mind and we’re capable of focus inwards on ourselves. We allow our own body and mind to unwind and release all of the negative energy we’ve been absorbing knowingly and unknowingly.

Simple and Easy Meditation Techniques

I have compiled a list of simple meditation techniques that you could start practicing by yourself and experience the joy of mindful breathing:

Focused technique: This involves focusing all of your attention in one of nature’s beautiful creations. It may be the gorgeous red petal of a rose entirely bloom, or dewy green leaf. If you are an auditory person you may even focus on something like the noise of the ocean or those of flowing water. The concept would be to divert all your attention towards something with the exclusion of everything else. Enjoying music, affirmations or perhaps emphasizing your breathing are variations with this technique.

Activity oriented meditation: This calls for emphasizing a mundane repetitive activity just like painting within a stroke repeatedly, gardening, or walking, etc. It might not be known as meditation within the conventional sense, nevertheless it allows you to connect with your unconscious by involving your conscious mind completely in a single activity that demands 100% attention, without requiring someone to think. In other words, activity oriented meditation enables you to enter a trance like state.

Spiritual meditation: You could practice this exercise irrespective of your religion. Everything you need to do will be to follow either of the two techniques suggested above, to attain a trance like state after which seek wisdom or guidance from anything you believe in. You will definately get insights and answers to the most difficult questions when you’re in the calm and relaxed state.


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